MegaGen Implant

Mega-Oss Bovine™


Superior porous structure

Mega-Oss BovineTM is an inorganic natural bone material extracted from pure bovine bone from Australia which is officially recognized as BSE safe and clean country. The organic part of the bovine bone is effectively removed through various processes, no additives are added during processing, and there is no risk of immunological rejection. All the products are produced in sterile processes with safe raw materials. Mega-Oss BovineTM is biocompatible bone graft material with porous structure similar to human cancellous bone and stimulates new bone formation/growth in grafted site. It has more and wider pores offering excellent hydrophilicity and angiogenesis.

The Low-Temperature deproteinizing process eliminates proteins effectively, but maintains the natural topography of cancellous bone with superior porosity.